Address: Bharatpur Chitwan Nepal

Tel : 977-56-20634 Fax: 977-56-21058

Accomodation : The accommodation at Hotel Safari Narayani Lodge is in timber-framed bungalows having private bathrooms providing modern toilet amenities. To blend with the environment, lighting is by kerosene lanterns which we place outside your rooms at sundown. The main building with the dining room and bar and the pathway to the rooms are lighted by electric bulbs, and the power comes from a generator.

Amenities : At Machan Wildlife Resort, a team of expert naturalists has been formed under the leadership of Dr. Charles Ramble, an anthropologist and naturalist with wide experience of Nepal. They will share their knowledge of the jungle’s flora and fauna as they guide you on elephant back and in Landrovers, on nature walks and bird-watching excursions Canoeing is done in traditional dugout canoes which will give you a tranquil crocodile’s-eye view of the jungle, and a few miles drive upstream to the villages of the Danwar tribal community will allow you a glimpse into the lives of the jungle dwellers of Nepal.

Dining : The Resort restaurant offers both Nepalese, Continental, Indian and Chinese cuisine, hygienically prepared with concern for your health. Our bar offers a wide variety of imported and local liquors, beers, soft drinks and exotic cocktails.

Hotel Safari Narayani Lodge is situated at Bharatpur, Chitwan, this resort hotel boasts of a swimming pool and a sprawling garden for your indulgence. You have a choice of deluxe Villa styled rooms or standard to chose from, all with private bathrooms and air-conditioning. Other facilities includes a restaurant serving local, Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine and a Bar serving local cocktails such our very own Tiger’s Tail.