Place to Visit

Kathmandu is the obvious place to do some serious shopping,especially if its your last stop before leaving the country.


It's evening, and you are just back from a sight-seeing tour or a delightful shopping binge. So what do you do? Go back to your hotel room? No, Kathmandu is not going to let you off that easily. There are more fun-filled adventures waiting for you, and we'll tell you where to find them. Relax, the night is young yet.


Over the years, Kathmandu has seen many changes; in people as well as in trends. However, one trend that has remained true over the years is that of South Asians traveling to Kathmandu to play in the Casinos of Nepal.

Gambling has always been a part of South Asian culture. When you look at ancient paintings and text, you see kings and their women playing dice. When you look at holy scriptures, you read of gods and sages gambling.

Kathmandu offers visitors an array of exciting, action-packed casinos where you can enjoy 24 hours of fun and games. There are four casinos in Kathmandu, all located in the premises of the city's top hotels, which offer your favorite games: poker, baccarat, roulette, pontoon, blackjack, as well as other card games and slot machines. All the games are played in chips and they can be purchased with US dollars or Indian rupees.

The Four Casinos of Nepal are:

Highlights of Casino Anna

  • Location within the 5 Star Hotel de l'Annpurna.
  • 700 Trained Service Staff.
  • Ground Floor facilities for beginners and those with a limited bankroll.
  • Largest number of jackpot winners of any casino in the valley.
  • Second Floor facilities for serious gambling with larger wagers and tournament players welcomed.
  • Casino Royale located across the street.
  • Since opening in 1992, Casino Anna has become, perhaps, the most frequented of all casinos in Nepal.

Highlights of Casino Everest

  • Location within the 5 Star Hotel Everest.
  • Playing takes plays in one of Kathmandu's biggest banquet halls.
  • Players are entitled to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.
  • High rollers may receive room comps and other spiffs .
  • With a location ideal for quick airport access, Casino Everest is in the quiet area of Baneswor.

Highlights of Casino Nepal

  • Location on the premises of the 5 Star Hotel Soaltee Holiday Inn Crown Plaza .
  • New renovations to make it the largest gambling center in the valley.
  • Players are entitled to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet .
  • Regularly held entertainment programs .
  • A newly established back-bar and game room for serious gamblers .
  • The oldest casino in Nepal, Casino Nepal is also the most popular casino in the Valley.

Highlights of Casino Royale

  • Location within the 5 Star Hotel Yak and Yeti A location in Kathmandu's most popular tourist center, Durbar Marg, puts you in the heart of the action.
  • Travel agencies, airlines, hotels, banks, shops and all things you will need are located next door.
  • Gambling in an Old-World atmosphere.
  • Players are entitled to a free breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.
  • Regularly held entertainment programs.
  • A Kids Corner with entertainment games.
  • Casino Anna located across the street.
  • Located in a building that is part of a 125-year-old Rana Palace, Casino Royale is the pride of the Rana kings who built many beautiful palaces and recreation areas in Nepal.

Cultural Programs

Cultural programs offer a fascinating glimpse of Nepal's diverse ethnic and cultural traditions. There are several places in Kathmandu where folk dances and musical performances are held every evening. Nepalese folk dances are an expression of joy. They celebrate the changing of the seasons or youthful romances. Evening time in rural Nepal is often filled with the sound of village song festivals and spontaneous gatherings.

If you want to enjoy Nepalese folk dances but don't feel like going on a mountain trek, you can go to one of the cultural programs in Kathmandu for a lively evening of cultural enlightenment. Performances are given nightly by the Everest Cultural Society at the Hotel.

De L' Annapurna, Durbar Marg and the New Himalchuli Cultural Group.


There's nothing like going to the movies. There are several cinema halls in Kathmandu where you can sit back and enjoy the celluloid offerings of Kathmandu and Bombay. Nepalese films as well as Hindi movies from India are the most popular cinematic fare around here. You can know it's a cinema hall by the huge colorful posters of the hero thrashing the villain pasted outside. Tickets are not very expensive and there are three shows everyday: 11:30 am, 2:30 pm and 5:30 pm (four shows on Saturday).